Choosing a Self-Designed Home School Curriculum
The current model of school features 20-40 students to a child and emphasizes traditional learning over skills most relevant to a child's life. After interviewing each of my teachers about my proposal to leave school to study my own curriculum, I was struck by the absence of objective value assessment and the emphasis on convention. Upon hearing that the main reasons I should stay in  formal education was so that someone would hire me for a job, regardless of how useful the skills were that I was learning, and so that I would have a social experience that was low in quality on most metrics, I decided to leave, under the protest of every person I consulted. 
The choice was among the most important choices I would make. The experience of doing the opposite of every authority figures council and winning helped me understand that questioning authority was an important ingredient in any recipe of accelerating growth and impact. It also helped me frame things in an important way. Ultimately I left not because I was learning low-value subjects at 30% efficiency, but rather because the time and attention school consumed was eclipsing all high-value learning. 
Important absences in my Waldorf and Public School High Scool curriculum included:
1) The absence of all literacy about emotions. This oversight is stunning to me, considering that every human action is motivated by emotions. 
2) No study of business, value creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and selling.
3) No study of self-awareness, meditation, yoga or journaling.
4) No study on goal setting, achieving or time-management.
5) No independent design thinking.
6) No relationship skill-building, awareness of STD's and more.
7) No study of ways to solve ecological challenges facing the planet.
To study Trigonometry, Geometry, Chemistry and even Math without spending a single hour on what creates jealousy, how it can deteriorate into envy and rage, or lift to admiration, respect and emulation is as negligent as teaching a pilot to swim but not what the throttle does on a plane. My education program was a great success, leading to starting  at age seventeen and using it as a platform for life-long learning and growth.