Ecological Module
​​To assess your 10X status ask yourself "how many of these statements feel accurate in my life?" and make an action plan for the most important area you want to improve.
  • I have planted or donated to plant 250 or more trees to offset my carbon footprint.
  • The soaps and shampoos I use for personal hygiene are 100% biodegradable.
  • I use bicycle, electric vehicles or public transit at least 80% of the time.
  • I recycle my waste.
  • I use re-usable shopping bags that I bring with me.
  • I buy at least 95% Organic food for home cooking.
  • I look for recycled paper products focusing on post-consumer recycling.
  • I give things away on the street or through community networks rather than throw things away that might be useful.
  • I use refillable containers and my own water filter (rather than buying water in plastic bottles).
  • I compost my food scraps in one way or another.
  • I have invested at least $500. in projects related to recycling.
  • I have contacted all levels of government relating to my municipal waste treatment to advocate for the following:
  • Compost picked up at the curb.
  • Separate bins for recycling.
  • An area where people can leave usable waste from building sites, functional furniture etc. that people can leave things for free and pick them up for free or for a few dollars.
  • I use battery operated or plug in electric tools for mowing, trimming, chainsawing etc. to reduce sound and gas pollution.