How to Be Professional with a High Quality of Life
I noticed that my favorite time to write and spend time with a lover was 9am-1pm. I so enjoyed these mornings. The problem was I wanted my clients to feel important and the view of a "professional contractor" was starting at 8am. What to do?
Frankly, this stumped me for a few awkward years when I would get projects done on time, but clients would e-mail me with "Where are you? Are you coming today?" Maniko Dru Dadigan, a voice coach I was talking to suggested "educating your clients." I did this with a contract clause at contract signing. "I have a rich personal life I attend to in the morning. This will not affect the completion of your job. I will work later into the evening, if that's all right with you, or stop at 5pm if you prefer. You can expect me by 2pm every day." Just having this official seemed to eliminate the flake perception and gave me a whole world of creative and beautiful mornings. I'm currently experimenting with managing select jobs from Thailand but don't have a big enough data sampling to say whether or not client satisfaction suffers. This was made possible by reading Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Workweek, and training a superb virtual assistant who does everything I hate three hours a day better than I could.