Service Module
​​To assess your 10X status ask yourself "how many of these statements feel accurate in my life?" and make an action plan for the most important area you want to improve.
  • I know my strengths (reference Strengthfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath).
  • I have asked myself what gifts I want to bring to community and/or the species over the next fifty years.
  • I have trained for more than one thousand five hundred hours to have specialized competency with excellence in a marketable area.
  • I present my skills in a language in which others percieve my value and hire me.
  • I focus my work on bringing well-being to a specific demographic of people and, measuring my impact, continue to make improvements.
  • I have created a resource team (virtual assistance, colleagues, sub-contractors etc.) who can help me help more people more effectively.
  • I invest every week in some way to build my skills, tools and technology related to my core work.
  • I know who I can and cannot help and only take work for which I am competent.
  • I have an abundance of work and pass on work I don't want to someone who can help.