Well-being App
Intelligence = The efficiency with which energy is transmuted into sustainable well-being.
Leverage: Part of efficiency in design is leveraging preexisting infrastructures.
  • Piggy-backing on the infrastructure of more than two billion smart-phones with software that adds 300% more well-being for no money.

  • As software demonstrates measurable improvement in commercial life, it becomes precious to corporations, who will fund the free distribution and data management to non-commercial users, thus turning the paradigm of non-profit as a continual money sink into one of abundant self-sustainability and growing excellence.

  • Much as fertilizer is bound in soil that is to alkaline or acidic, finding the sweet spot in human psychology releases much of our gifts as human beings and puts them into accessible format.

  • The platform-type design of the app allows a powerful core profile module to create a growing number of intelligent relationships with other specialty modules as they come on board.
  • In the next fifty years artificial intelligence in the form of ever more sophisticated neural nets will profoundly shape our global policies based on the data available for them to digest. In the materialistic bias of our culture, we do not have adequate data to correlate outer choices with inner felt experience, a key neglected area of science. Our aim is to develop a data-set about peak-human well-being that AI can use to partner in the sustainable expansion of that well-being.

  • 10 X Country: Before we can intelligently invest in being an inter-planetary species we need to understand how to create a cohesive synergistic team of 75-150 people who can communicate emotionally, mentally and physically in a way that energizes and sustains a peaceful and intelligent format of increasingly complex interaction. We don't have that recipe, and the dream of having a designated area of the planet, either on the high sees or hosted within an existing country with the sole goal of perfecting, with the use of mental/emotional/physical data a prototype of human interaction worthy and intelligent to introduce to a new land-mass will include the use of AI and can feature an app which no country or planet has had before.

  • Becoming Interplanetary: Unless we destroy ourselves, we will be in space in the next seventy five years. What will we export in the way of the best of our planet's culture? A rigorous scientific analysis of data can show us which existing cultures bring the most well-being to their people per unit of energy invested, suggesting directions for further developing that cultural technology. What we need is pattern analysis and objective data, which "Well Being," the app, can provide.
A Universal Metric of Well-Being:

Of the estimated 10,000 cultures and languages in human history, each has strengths and weaknesses in the amount of well-being generated in a given area. As an American who travels, I think of America as one of the easiest and cheapest places to make and spend money, while it is one of the most difficult countries to experience long blocks of spontaneous and emotional social windows. Thailand is the reverse. People are more productive of objects and ideas in America, while the Thais are more productive in terms of smiles and relational well-being. I go to Thailand to feel joy, and come to the U.S. to make money. Yet many metrics devised by Western scientists measure the length of life, without measuring joy; or the access to modern hospitals without measuring the kindness of one's visitors in those hospitals, or the depth of eye-gazing. In short, the happiness metrics are strongly biased within the cultural framework, leading to an unbalanced view of happiness.

A key goal of the app is to develop a spherical model of well-being mentally, emotionally and physically that emphasizes not 
duration, but the felt experience of every human being objectively. In this way individual cultures will be measured on the assumption that the strengths in one area will have weaknesses in others. This will lead to an assessment not only of individuals but of cultures, through the creation of distinctions in pattern observed by the app. The number of smiles, hugs, lingering gazes, units of production, dollars in the bank, hours spent commuting and the relative felt experience of each person in these realities can be measured so that we can transcend our cultures in search of wholeness and complexity with objective data.

Our success in this area can be measured by the number of people who adopt our metric as the most comprehensive and useful measure of sustainable human well-being.
Unlocking Synergy:

The level of efficiently navigated complexity = the degree of flow and unleashed energy. Every dimension and distinction enables greater flow with more ease. How to do this without encumbering the conscious mind to such a level that it stops spontaneous life? By having a more and more detailed profile, the app itself can both respond to queries and also suggest a variety of connection points that facilitate a release of the potential that only occurs if two or more people together create something bigger than they could alone.
  • ​​Cross referencing profiles with other users in deep and nuances areas:
  • "I want to see a list of all of the people on the app who are interested in meeting new friends, have experienced a trauma in the last year, have read this book and are female."

  • The app can send an alert: "This person also likes kayaking in the afternoons within 20 minutes of your location and is open to a buddy."
  • The app can alert: "This person on your contact list has the graphic art skills you need for your project."
  • Helping to form teams where an individual defines the purpose and the app suggests the most well-matched person for each role and invites them to be a part of it, then goes to the next if that person declines and presents you with the best available team on the network, from which point everyone instructs the ​team algorithm on what did and did not work so that the next team is better.

  • Communities without hierarchy, dogma and a bogging down of flow into bureaucracy are extremely rare. Structure is necessary and consensus-oriented meetings are tedious, awkward to schedule and often painful. A community module of the Well-Being app, of the type outlined here: www.10xliving.org/the-app is a potent tool for creating a new level of flow in the rich company of others beyond anything an individual would experience without community.
Core Modules of the App:
  • The Ever Expanding Profile:
  • Diet, allergies, favorite dishes, favorite places to eat.
  • Trauma history and coping mechanisms.
  • Bucket list
  • Peak experiences we want to share
  • Accomplishments
  • Skills, passions, talents
  • Connection preferences
  • Environmental preferences
  • Love Language
  • Reality Paradigms
  • Daily routines and logistics
  • Current pain and fear points.
  • Desires to serve
  • Hierarchy of needs level
  • Astrology
  • Meaningful media we enjoy
  • Goals for each area of life
  • What makes a good friend
  • Deal-Breakers
  • Places we have traveled and want to return to
  • Etc.
  • Connections: The prompter to help our core three relationships to grow at every level.
  • Well-Being Newsfeed:
  • Celebrating successes.
  • Things that helped others in the areas we are interested in.
  • Things we want to share to help others.
  • Well-Being Assessment and Trends:
  • Well-being on all metrics at the time of the app.
  • Tracking goals and improvements in key areas.
  • Creating reports that point to healthy directions.
Modules to Expand with Time:
  • The 10X community.
  • The 10X Home.
  • The 10X Life.
  • The 10X Town.
  • 10 X Health.
  • 10X Wealth.
Open Source:

Part of leveraging the impact and development of the app is to completely open source it so that everyone can help to build it:
  • ​​A specific team of volunteers will assume responsibility for an improvement, to be in a feedback loop with the community.
  • Team responsibilities will expand with success.
  • Anyone can make suggestions for improvements to the app. These get thumbed up and the most thumbed up improvement of note gets acted on, tested and validated by users, who can opt to adopt it or keep their existing version of the app.
  • Anyone can develop a new module for beta testing on condition it is shared by all.
  • Anyone can modify and use a version of the app:
  • A copy is shared with the organization.

  • It may be offered to members as a test.
  • It is not for commercial use unless licensed, the funds used to help with app improvement and development.
  • The app is held within a non-profit in public trust, guided by the principles of "what will bring the most well-being over time is what we will move towards as fast as we can."
Funding App Development:

Stage One: The Seed​​
  • ​​$100,000. to develop the beta app version and test it with 1,500.
  • $2,500. to do a comparison test measuring well-being generated by 100 people using the app vs. 100 people not using the app, both chosen at the same time in a random sampling.
  • $50,000. to update the app after feedback and start blogging and expanding momentum by inviting people to design modules and making one more module.
  • $85,000. to do first corporate tests on impact in business using two comparison studies with two companies that used the app and two that did not.
Stage Two: Self Sustaining
  • ​Develop a custom app for a major client intended to bring 10X profits and well-being to that business: $200,000.
  • Measure results.
  • Invite donations from personal users in ways that support well-being.

  • Invite donations from personal users to support someone who does not have the app for a month: a meaningful personal sponsor.
  • Develop and optimize at least five 10X Modules.
Stage Three: Leveraging Projects
  • Identify top seven human well-being projects that are massive in scale and the tipping points to build momentum.

  • Create micro-projects to improve well-being introduced by members, funded and organized by members with options for sponsors, grants and donations.
  • Partner with large non-profits on the basis that we can create more human well-being more scientifically than any other funding opportunity
​​Donate towards the app here.